Local Competitive

Local competitive athletes are pre-selected and assigned to their own special start at the beginning of Green Wave 1. Local Competitive athletes have a designated area adjacent to the green corrals, with the same amenities available to all runners, private bathrooms and a private corral entrance. There is no race day entrance to the LC program without the appropriate bib, corral change cards are not accepted in the LC area.

Pace Teams

The TCS New York City Marathon Pace Team Powered by TAG Heuer will be pacing marathoners who are looking to finish in times between 3:00:00 and 6:00:00. TCS New York City Marathon Pace Team Powered by TAG Heuer leaders will wearing blue-and-white-striped "NYRR PACE TEAM" singlets, and they'll be carrying signs with their goal finish time printed in large blue numbers. The following chart outlines which corrals pacers will be located.

Changing waves/corrals

Runners can start in a corral behind their original assignment or in a later wave; changes to an earlier wave/corral cannot be accommodated. Corral assignments are based on predicted finish times and are designed to help runners have a safe race experience. Runners wishing to run together should go to the latest wave/corral in their group.

Corral Change Cards

Certain runners from specialty groups (media, VIP, broadcast) needing to change their corrals to an earlier start than they were originally assigned may be issued a UCORRAL CHANGE CARD." This card grants them permission to go into any corral, and should be collected at the corral entrance by corral marshal volunteers.


The WABC and ESPN broadcast desks are located in the Green Village. Select runners will be pulled out of the crowd to participate in FanZone crowd shots throughout the morning. The WABC local show runs from 7:00a.m.- 9:00 a.m.J and ESPN coverage picks up from 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. The broadcast will be shown intermittently on the jumbotrons located in each village.


Over 1600 portable toilets are available throughout the Start villages and corrals. There are no toilets on the Verrazano Bridge. Any runners who urinate or defecate on the bridge are subject to disqualification and may be issued a summons by the MT A Police.

Start Photos

MarathonFoto has picture platforms located in each of the villages) where official Marathon photographers will be available to take runner photos that will later be available for purchase. Runners are permitted and encouraged to take as many personal photos as theyJd like inside the start village) corrals and before the start. Runners are strongly encouraged NOT to take pictures on the bridge once the race has started on the bridge.

Security and Prohibited Items

For spectators and runners, the following items are prohibited from entering any Marathon venue, including but not limited to the Expo, Marathon Opening Ceremony, Start Village, Family Reunion, Grandstand Finish Line Bleachers, and all Marathon Pavilion events:

Additionally, for runners, the following items are prohibited from the Start Village, Start Corrals, and race course:

Start Times

8:30 a.m. Wheelchair Division
8:45a.m. Foot Locker Five Borough Challenge
8:55 a.m. Handcycle & Select Ambulatory Athletes
9:10 a.m. Professional Women
9:40 a.m. Wave 1 & Professional Men
10:05 a.m. Wave 2
10:30 a.m. Wave 3
10:55 a.m. Wave 4


There are a variety of wristbands and stickers distributed to runners for various start and finish special access areas.

Area Contact Color Text 2014
Charity Village E. Battle Purple Team For Kids
Charity Village E. Battle Purple Fred's Team
Charity Village E. Battle Purple Charity
VIP NYRR E. Wolff Blue none
VIP Partners L. Tiernan black none
Elite Family Reunion J. Lord grey none
Harlem VIP tent C. Witmer orange sparkle none
Race Directors S. Sislowitz pink none
Pace Teams J. Honerkamp aqua PACE
UPS S. Corbett red- orange none
AWD Support P. Ortolano Green none
AWD S.l Staging P. Ortolano Yellow none
Broadcast Start Tent H. Takahashi red-pink none
Virtual Trainer VIP J. Honerkamp White none

Tata Consultancy Services (Invited Guests Only): Light Blue sticker w/ Marathon logo on guests' bibs United Airlines Tent (Invited Guests Only): No wristband/sticker, but guests must check in at tent's entrance