Web Development Websites

Smart Medical Solutions

For Smart Medical Solutions, I completed a WordPress site that was built by developers overseas. This required a lot of CSS and template refinements, creating a category system, and SMTP email server, Woo Commerce functionality and many other options.

Smart Medical: Odoo ERP Site

For Smart Medical Solutions I built the front end of a new Odoo 16 ERP site. This required learning the XML templating system and some Python prgramming with PostGreSQL and substantial CSS work. Bootstrap 4 was used for CSS framework.

AniVet Norway

For AniVet I created a WordPress site where they could list information like hours and services offered. It was important for them to control their own content. Homepage modules are controled by their assigned category. Show, unshow, list on any page by category assigned.

Foodora Klubben

For the Foodora rider union I created a WordPress website. The shop stewards were able to post important content, vote dates and news and background history. In addition they were able to create promotional content for new union members.

Marathon Info App

Created for the New York Road Runners, New York Marathon, this app was used expo by workers to answer participant questions. The searchable PHP/MySQL knowledge-base was designed to work on tablets carried by customer service agents.

Marathon App: CMS

The marathon customer service app was built with PHP server-side language and a MySQL database. The front end is Bootstrap and custom JavaScript was used for auto-complete search values. A cusom CMS meant editors could update in real-time while the app was used.

Illustrator Designs